OUR Mission:


The Central Texas Coalition Against Human Trafficking works collaboratively to increase public awareness and identification of human trafficking cases while providing comprehensive medical and social services for victims and survivors of trafficking .


Our History

The Central Texas Coalition Against Human Trafficking has led the fight to end human trafficking and protect the vulnerable across our region for more than fifteen years.

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Human trafficking is a form of modern slavery that occurs when someone uses violence, threats, or manipulation to control another person for profit. 

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Our Impact

We are a powerful network of partners working strategically to multiply our collective impact. Together we are ending human trafficking across the region.



Professionals Trained

More than 35,000 professionals across Texas have been trained by Coalition partners since 2003.



Survivors Served

More than 500 survivors of trafficking have been identified and connected to services through Coalition partners.


How We Work

Our Coalition has an innovative operating model based on best practices in collaborative problem solving. We leverage the power of more than 65 frontline stakeholders and the broader community, focusing their collective action toward a common activity: designing and implementing a continuum of local solutions that comprehensively address the system of slavery.


Steering Committee Leadership

The steering committee provides oversight and expert advice about overall strategy, infrastructure, and effectiveness. Representation from six cross sector agencies make up the steering committee.

Child Sex Trafficking Working group

The Child Sex Trafficking Working Group is comprised of representatives and anti-trafficking experts from over 20 agencies working directly with trafficked or at-risk youth. The group meets monthly to leverage the collective knowledge and experience of partners to increase identification of trafficked youth, build effective investigations, and reduce core vulnerabilities of youth through amplifying trafficking prevention efforts in central Texas.

General Body

The coalition network is comprised of interdisciplinary partners representing over 60 federal, state, and local agencies. Coalition partners include law enforcement, juvenile justice, education, mental health, family and protective services, as well as other non-profit, human service agencies and community members committed to amplifying trafficking prevention, intervention, prosecution, and restoration.

Grassroots Community Engagement

The Network can’t be successful without the buy in of the community. Community members help build public awareness and education around trafficking as well as volunteer with partner organizations, and advocate for policies recommended by the Coalition.

Labor Trafficking Working group

The Labor Trafficking Working Group is a consortium of stakeholders from legal, law enforcement, social service and government backgrounds working directly with individuals affected by labor trafficking. The group meets monthly to explore how to more effectively identify and serve victims of trafficking, increase advocacy efforts in our community and educate the service provision field locally and state wide in serving this population.

Adult Sex Trafficking Working Group

The Adult Sex Trafficking Working Group is a collaborative of law enforcement, legal, medical and social service professionals serving adult survivors of sex trafficking. The group convenes monthly to explore how to better serve survivors collaboratively, remedy gaps in the continuum of care and advocate for this population by supporting legislative efforts directly related to trafficking.


Get Involved

Trafficking is a complex problem that manifests across our community. We do our best at combatting it when we work together. Contact us to request information about joining our Coalition.